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Women In Freelancing

By Deepali Gupta : 18/06/2018

The general perception when you tell someone you are a freelancer is that you wake up at noon, stay in your pajamas and avoid doing ...


The Case For Flexible Talent

By Flexing It : 18/06/2018

Flexible talent comprises essentially workers who are hired by a company on a temporary, contract or freelance basis for projects. I...


Think about value you can add to a task

By Chandrika Pasricha : 28/05/2018


The brief I was given and what I did in the first 100 days at work I joined at a time when the Indian economy was slumping due to t...


From bulk outsourcing to bespoke blended teams

By Peter Nicholls : 28/05/2018


The days of bulk outsourcing of entire transactional departments to offshore locations are over but those jobs are not simply coming...


From my personal corporate work experience, I’ve noticed that of the 10 entrepreneurs that I interact with, almost eight say m...


Predicting the future has always been humankind's endeavour—whether through tarot cards and numerology or through business for...

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Disruption in Consulting

By Flexing It : 15/09/2017

The consulting industry is undergoing meaningful changes - advancements in technology, data democratization and evolving client expe...

gig economy

Decoding the gig economy

By Rohit Mathur : 21/11/2016

The noise around the sharing economy is deafening. Rules are getting broken, industries are getting disrupted and unicorns are being...


It's End Of Work As We Know It

By Rohit Mathur : 21/11/2016

It all started in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York, at the dawn of the freelance economy when 3 inspired engineers founded Elance i...

supporting the Changemakers to find the talent to scale

Flexing It works with social entrepreneurs solving diverse problems. Our platform helps development sector organizations find i...


  In the global sharing economy today, Gen Y, Gen Z, and even veteran professionals are partnering with organizations to creat...

new blog

Amidst all the noise around rising and falling unemployment, expected hiring activity and raises p...

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TIASG2016: 2 days of perspective

By Rohit Mathur : 18/04/2016

For a newbie to the startup world (read me), the Tech in Asia conference in Singapore (12–13 April) proved to be an orientatio...


The Five People You Need to Start A Startup

By Prashant Vijay : 21/11/2016

The internet lowers transaction costs and helps us create new business models, where fewer and fewer things need to be done in-house...

startup funding

Over the last few months, funding in the startup eco-system has slowed down, especially for Series B and beyond. It is estimated tha...

Fundraising journey of a single #founder

By Chandrika Pasricha : 2/03/2016

“There are few factors that can make a company more successful, fun, and epic than an awesome co-founder. There are few factor...

5 Mantras for Non-Techie Founders of Tech Startups

By Chandrika Pasricha : 25/02/2016

I’m a non-techie founder of a technology startup. At the time I started (Flexing It was launched in late 2012) I didn’t ...

A survey conducted by Flexing It, a curated online marketplace for companies and professionals for part-time assignments, revea...

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FeeBee, our community-driven fee benchmarking tool, helps independent consultants remove a key source of ambiguity from freelancing ...


FeeBee, our community-driven fee benchmarking tool, helps independent consultants remove a key source of ambiguity from freelancing ...

IT fees

FeeBee, our community-driven fee benchmarking tool, helps independent consultants remove a key source of ambiguity from freelancing ...

  The future of work is at a cusp of disruption, triggered by the rising number of independent or freelance consultants offeri...

Background verification has become a hot subject in India and rightly so. In the wake of a series of cases of fake credentials found...

A lot of us who are new to working independently face the problem of not knowing exactly what to charge, and may often lose projects...

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What makes me unique!

By Anusha Krishnamurthy : 2/05/2018


I still remember like it was yesterday, me heavily pregnant sitting in front of the computer for a Skype interview call from ISB wit...


Consultant's Log 8: 5 Qs with Rakesh Bhatia

By Rakesh Bhatia : 30/06/2017

In his 30+ years of work, Rakesh Bhatia has held multiple leadership roles in organisations such as DCM Shriram Ltd., CESC, India Po...


Consultant's Log 7: 5 Qs with Tulika Majumdar

By Tulika Majumdar : 4/05/2017

Tulika Majumdar has 6+ years of work experience. She studied at IIT, Roorkee followed by a Masters in Science from Stanford Universi...


Consultant's Log 6: 5 Qs with Verticka Kohli

By Verticka Kohli : 3/04/2017

Verticka is a Leadership and Talent professional with over 11 years of professional experience across India and South East Asia exte...


Consultant's Log 5: 5 Qs with Bhargavi Vijaykumar

By Bhargavi Vijaykumar : 10/03/2017

Bhargavi is a management consultant and a freelance strategist with 10 years of domain experience. She now works with seed funded / ...


Consultant's Log 4: 5 Qs with Joydip Gupta

By Joydip Gupta : 27/01/2017

Joydip Gupta has over 20 years of experience in Technology sector in USA, Singapore, and India. He has hands-on experience in strate...

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