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Is freelance for you?

August 8, 2013 · by Anand Murali · in NEXTBIGWHAT

Flexi-Work has been in the limelight for some time now. Earlier this year Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was heavily criticised for reversing the companies flexi-work policy. Some critics even called it a step backward in workplace flexibility.

Good or bad for the company, a lot of us wish we had a flexible work hours as it lets us take control of both our professional and personal time. Even in a lot of cases, companies require the use of a particularly skilled person for a short time for a particular job. A Delhi based startup wants to help you in cases where a finding skilled workers for a short time hire or the vice versa becomes difficult.

Flexing It, a Delhi based startup, is an online marketplace for short term skilled employment. Through the service professionals and organisations can interact for projects and other short term assignments with flexible work structures.

Freelancers have become a choice/option most organisations opt for as the skills are available on a pay per use basis and with many of the startups not requiring certain skills for a very limited or short time, freelancers are the way to go.

For example, a company requiring a particularly skilled professional for just 5 days a month, will want to hire a flexi worker and not a full time employee. Similarly a skilled professional looking for a flexi time employment can search for an organisation with the requirement for the same skill through this platform.

Flexi-time work, where you work on a flexible time schedule, has been popular trend around the world and Indian startups have been trying to tap into this trend. Bangalore based KROW and Noida based Fleximoms are some of the other Indian startups operating in the flexi-work space.

Flexing it so far has been able to ramp up more than 1650 qualified professional and around 175 companies onto their platform. The platform lists not just mainstream technology professional skills but also corporate skills like management, marketing , HR, finance etc.

The service currently is on a free to access model, but plans to move to a subscription based model in the next few months. In the future the service also plans to introduce registrations for small service providers/SMEs.

On the international front the company will be competing with companies like oDesk and Elance.

With companies adopting the flexi-work structure and professionals wanting to build up their portfolio on varied assignments, online skill aggregators will enjoy a good traction.


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